Lavender Hill, Eko Resort

Upon turning onto a macadam road theGuest Review Awards 2018 outer world gradually begins to disappear. The
feeling of tranquility and peace starts to spread throughout the body. “Am I in the right
place?” you are wondering while driving through the forest, but the feeling (or Google
Maps) tells you that you are.

One last bend and a huge estate are there, lying in front of you, just calling to be explored. “What is this place, what exactly is this magical place?” Lavender Hill is more than just a farm with rooms and suites.

Lavender Hill is an estate with a soul. Love can be felt in every wooden board. There is a story in every board. Each board has already belonged to someone who poured their energy into it.

But with the energy of the farm owner, the boards are bound together into an entirety, filled with love. Here, the silence of the city and the power of nature can be felt. The butterflies fluttering, bees buzzing, the birds, the sheep. The rustling of the leaves in the wind and endless views.

Your lungs full of pristine air, oh how pristine! And the produce just picked from the home garden. A walk across the meadow, through the forest. Refreshment in the pool and relaxation in the sauna and jacuzzi. Or just sitting and observing everything that surrounds you. Sitting in perfect presence of this exact moment.

A fairytale on Lavender Hill


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Double Room with balcony
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